Clockwork Cairo: Steampunk Tales of Egypt

Edited by Matthew Bright, Clockwork Cairo is Twopenny Press’s inaugural anthology. An anthology of Egyptian-themed steampunk stories, it will take you an adventure from the steam-powered souks of Cairo, to the clockwork bazaars of Alexandria and the shadowy mysteries of the pyramids.

Including tales from George Mann, Gail Carriger, Nisi Shaw, Jonathan Green, Tee Morris & Pip Ballantine, Rod Duncan, David Barnett, Tiffany Trent, Sarah Caulfield, P. Djeli Clark, Zan Lee, Chaz Brenchley, Benjanun Sriduankaew, Matthew Bright, Rod Duncan, Christopher Parvin, M.J. Lyons, Anne Jensen, John Moralee, E. Catherine Tobler and K. Tempest Bradford.

Published by Twopenny Books

Released 14th June 2017


“This immersive collection captures the whimsy and drama of steampunk.” Publishers Weekly

“Clockwork Cairo is a fun collection of clever adventures, delicately mixing the mysterious and exotic worlds of Egyptian legend and the raw ingenuity of steampunk.” Amazing Stories

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