Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Book 2

The most epic Doctor Who event ever, as every incarnation of the Doctor – and friends and enemies old and new – unites to push back the threat of the Void: the empty space between universes that has inexplicably become sentient… and hungry!

In this second of two volumes collecting 2017’s giant Doctor Who crossover event, the lives of the Twelfth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor collide in the most unexpected way, as their TARDISes become fused… and the whole of humanity seems turned against them!

Only by linking together all of the Doctor’s lives – and delving deep into the horror of the Void – do the Doctors stand any chance of uncovering the mystery at its heart… and of saving the known universe from total annihilation! But what they find at the center of the Universe That Never Was will prove the most shocking discovery of all…

Plus – discover what River Song and the Fourth Doctor have been up to during this mega-event, and how they played a part in its unexpected resolution

Script: Emma Beeby, George Mann, Gordon Rennie and Cavan Scott

Art: Ivan Rodriguez, Wellington Diaz, Rachael Stott and Marianno Laclaustra

Colours: Thaigo Ribeiro, Maricio Wallace, Rob Fernandes and Carlos Cabrera

Published by: Titan Comics

Release date 30th January 2018