Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor – Time Trials Vol. 1 – The Terror Beneath

The Twelfth Doctor grapples with two deadly small towns in this brand-new collection, kicking off Year Three!

First, it’s the return of fan-favorite comics companion, space bassist Hattie, as the Twelfth Doctor takes her for the best fish and chips in the galaxy, in a sleepy seaside town in the 1970s.   But there’s something ancient and evil beneath the waves, something that has mired its twisted tentacles into the local people, something that weaves itself into Hattie’s dreams and drags itself up onto land in mounds of shambling seaweed…!   Can the Doctor and Hattie get to the bottom of a cosmological horror before it devours them – and wipes the town off the map?

Script: George Mann and James Peaty

Art: Mariano Laclaustra and Warren Pleece

Colours: Carlos Cabrera, Hernan Cabrera and Hi-Fi

Published by: Titan Comics

Release date 3rd October 2017