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Warhammer 40,000 – The Raven Guard Audio Collection

Released by Games Workshop

Released 29 February 2020

A Warhammer 40,000 audio drama collection.

The Raven Guard are extraordinary stealth troops, striking from the shadows after misdirecting their foes with subterfuge and wiles. These are their stories.

Venture into the darkness with the Imperium’s foremost stealth warriors, enjoying seven action-packed audio dramas that exemplify the ways in which the Sons of Corax wage war.

The Raven Guard are the Sons of Corax, and in the art of shadow warfare they are without equal. Theirs is the way of stealth, subterfuge and misdirection, ensuring their enemies are unaware of the true danger they face until it is far too late. This audio drama anthology contains seven tales of the Raven Guard. In these stories, you’ll discover the secrets of the mysterious Shadowmasters, witness a descent into a mysterious labyrinth haunted by an unseen foe, experience war against the tyranids, learn how the sons of Corax connect to humanity and more. 

Performed by Toby Longworth, Sean Barrett, Jonathan Keeble, Matthew Hunt, Steve Conlin, Rupert Degas, Robin Bowerman, Gareth Armstrong, Ian Brooker, Ramon Tikaram, John Banks, Saul Reichlin, Adrian Wheeler, Tim Bentinck, Emma Gregory.


  • The Geld by George Mann
  • Soulbound by George Mann
  • Labyrinth of Sorrows by George Mann
  • Helion Rain by George Mann
  • Alone by Joe Parrino
  • Loss by Joe Parrino
  • With Baited Breath by George Mann

Warhammer 40,000 – Soulbound

On Delephron, an immense mag-train hurtles through desert. Within its metal confines there lies a hidden message, one that could bring the Raven Guard into such ill repute it would risk its very survival. 

Only the Shadowmasters, the finest of the Chapter’s elite, have the skill to infiltrate the high-speeding mag-lev and extract the message before their presence is known. But dark forces stir against them, servants of the Plague God intent on their own fell purpose. 

And who is the Inquisitor Bledheim, and what could he possibly know to inflict such a deadly blow to the sons of Corax?

By George Mann

Narrated by: Toby Longworth, Steve Conlin, Matthew Hunt, John Banks, Tim Bentinck, Emma Gregory

Released by Games Workshop

Release date 18 August 2018

Warhammer 40,000 – The Tranzia Rebellion Collection

Released by Games Workshop

Released 27 November 2017

The first ever Black Library radio play

The Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies must get to the bottom of a world’s rebellion before it dooms them all. Thirteen episodes of full-cast audio action.

The masters of the Doom Eagles Space Marines Chapter descend upon the world of Tranzia to honour a batch of new recruits who will lead the Chapter into the next generation. As they make planetfall, the world rises up against them in a rebellion organised by the alien Tau. But something else lurks behind the xenos, a horror that has haunted the Imperium since its very beginnings. The Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies are thrust into a race against time to discover the true architect of the Tranzia Rebellion before the entire world is consumed by darkness.

By C Z Dunn, Andy Smillie, Gav Thorpe, George Mann, John French, Nick Kyme.

Narrated by: Jane Collingwood, Martyn Ellis, Chris Fairbanks, Jonathan Keeble, Paul Panting, Jamie Parker, Saul Reichlin, Jane Wymark.

Warhammer 40,000 – Helion Rain

The world of Idos is plagued by ravening tyranids. Into this maelstrom come the Raven Guard 4th Company, the warzone perfectly suited to their lightning-strike methods of combat.

By George Mann

Narrated by Toby Young

Released by Games Workshop

Released 16 November 2017

Warhammer 40,000 – Labyrinth of Sorrows

Released by Games Workshop

Released 16 November 2017

The Brazen Minotaurs infiltrate an ancient temple-tomb, seeking an artefact sacred to their Chapter, one that could turn the tide of battle in the Imperium’s favour. But they are not the first to enter the tomb….

By George Mann

Narrated by Sean Barrett, Rupert Degas, Saul Reichlin

Warhammer 40,000 – The Geld

A Raven Guard audio drama.

Tasked with an important and treacherous mission by Chapter Master Shrike, Shadow Captain Qeld must use every bit of his cunning – as well as his unique skills – if he is to survive and claim victory.

By George Mann

Narrated by Jonathan Keeble

Performed by Toby Longworth, Matthew Hunt, John Banks, Steve Conlin, Adrian Wheeler, Jonathan Keeble

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