Warhammer 40,000: Sons of Corax

A Legends of the Dark Millennium anthology by George Mann

Chaos engulfs the Sargassion Reach and the Raven Guard lead the fight against the forces of Nurgle. They’re not alone, but can they and their allies work together to defeat the foe?

It gets into the heads of the Raven Guard like never before – and contrasts their sneaky, shadow-shrouded tactics with the bull-headed Brazen Minotaurs, especially in the novella ‘The Unkindness of Ravens’. where both Chapters need to do their thing if they’re going to break open a Chaos fortress and annihilate the gooey centre (literally: it’s full of Nurgle worshippers and they tend to ooze…).

The Raven Guard are Space Marines like no other. The sons of Corax fight their battles with stealth and speed rather than fury and flame. As shadows of death, they appear behind enemy lines and strike without mercy or restraint. Chaos engulfs the Sargassion Reach, and Captain Koryn’s Raven Guard lead the fight against the pestilent forces of Nurgle. But they are not alone, the Brazen Minotaurs – led by the headstrong Captain Daed – aiding them in their mission. Can the two Chapters bring their wildly different tactics together to defeat the foe and save the Sargassion Reach from damnation?

Published by Black Library

Released 15 November 2016

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