Warhammer 40,000: The Karashat Abomination

An Inquisition Short Story by George Mann

In an abandoned Ecclesiarchy outpost on a distant world, Inquisitor Sabbathiel and her agents discover something terrifying…

Explore Inquisitor Sabbathiel’s first prose tale as she leaps from the pages of Warhammer 40,000 comics and into untold danger.

On the world of Karsharat, Inquisitor Sabbathiel and her followers investigate the ruins of an Ecclesiarchy outpost. Beneath a terrifying sky and amidst a rain of blood, they find the unexpected – life signs within the long-abandoned structure. Whatever lurks inside is well defended, with subtle psychic attacks and worse awaiting the Inquisitorial agents. Even if they survive these traps, what they find at the labyrinth’s heart may just be their end…

Published by Black Library

Released 27 July 2020

Also available in the anthology Inferno Volume 4


“Mann weaves an atmospheric and tense story of slowly-increasing tension and paranoia.” Sci-Fi & Fantasy Reviewer

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