Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor – The Sapling Volume 2 – Roots

The Doctor, Alice, and the Sapling – now growing further into adulthood – take on another selection of insane adventures! 

Still missing many of their most treasured memories, the TARDIS team stumble across a Memory Ark, and their reality starts to fray further at the edges… Can the Doctor and Alice stop the Sapling from growing into the genocidal creature of destruction it is doomed to be?

Can they reclaim their missing memories without destroying this new being? And can they have amazing, brain-bending trips through time and space along the way?

Script: George Mann and James Peaty

Art: INJ Culbard, Ivan Rodriguez, Wellington Diaz, Klebbs Junior and Leandro Casco

Colours: Triona Farrell, Stefani Renne and Thaigo Ribeiro

Published by: Titan Comics

Release date 30th December 2017